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We Create Supercharged Tickets for Any Event!

Smart Tickets, a Creative Social company, leverages patented technology to deliver digital tickets with more utility, functionality and excitement.

Smart tickets is the ultimate ticketing platform that allows you to create and manage tickets for events of any size with a more functionality than ever.

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Nick Gargano


Nick is an problem solver for things you do not even realize were a problem yet. He is constantly thinking of new ways to push the envolope and to continue being innovative.

Why Us

Mike Reams

Chief Technology Officer

Mike is our technical guru. He is constantly tinkering and learning new things so that he can stay a few steps ahead of everyone else. Have a probelm that is impossible to solve? Let Mike take a look.

Why Us

Brandon Evans

Chief Strategy Officer

Brandon is the ace up our sleeve when it comes to strategy and marketing.His experience in product development, marketing, business strategy, and technology enables him to adapting to whatever is in front of him.

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